About me

I am Michael Noe – a 40-year-old UX designer and entrepreneur. I live with my 14-year-old son in Aarhus. I play music, I’m geeky about technology and have recently been inspired by my son to try gaming.

The experience of a well designed product

As a designer of user experiences, I have always loved to see how people adopt the experiences I design. Is it a fit, and not just useful, but actually pleasing to use. Especially because the products I design, are often tightly connected to the success of the business it is produced for. I follow a classic design thinking approach to design.

I enjoy learning about new domains, interviewing potential users, prototyping and then verifying through user testing. It’s always an iterative process, and I as a general rule work from an MVP approach – launching and validating one feature at a time.

I am technologically independent as a designer, but have in recent years been mostly focused on native apps and commercial websites. I benefit from having a good all-round knowledge of business, technology, and UX design. I range from research to prototype – and even light visual design.


Entrepreneurship is in my DNA

In the past 12 years, I have launched four different digital companies. 3 of the companies are now sold, and still going strong under new ownership. I have a passion for getting ideas, driving change and designing and launching products – seeing a company grow from nothing to having an actual monetary value.

The latest company is Wedbox, that now has 13 employees. A big part of starting businesses as having that drive and push through all challenges – into seeking venture funding, and beyond as well. One company was within music management and the rest are tech startups, building websites as a consultant through building products seeking market shares. I have also set up eCommerce sites eg. a print shop connected to one of the app products. I have managed collaboration with near-shore development partners, and have experience driving development with the built-in challenges in this kind of setup.

I have also been involved with a number of bands, as a guitarist, but similar to a startup that involves business plans, funding for album production, marketing and so forth.

The backbone of tech products

Through both necessity and interest, I have acquired fairly comprehensive knowledge about technology – both front-end and backend. It has been my responsibility to define the stack of technology used for most of the products I have been part of creating. Ranging from development languages to hosting, staging environments, backup solutions, performance and so forth. In Wedbox I was responsible for 6 developers – running an agile setup with me as a product owner.

I have for years been developing business websites based on WordPress, as both designer and front end developer, but also setting up rather large eCommerce websites.

A few of the technologies I have worked with architecturally are native apps and surrounding frameworks, Google Firebase, hybrid mobile (React Native), CSS, HTML, Angular and PHP. And lots more.


The music of my life

When I graduated from the Royal Music Academy I pursued a goal of becoming a professional musician playing the guitar in multiple ambitious bands. For a couple of years, I was successful at this publishing no less than two studio albums and touring live around Europe and in Canada. I parked the ambition of a full-time musicians lifestyle, as I got passionate about entrepreneurship.

I still play as a hobby – although still ambitious on the creative side. One of the bands I am playing with is called Phosphor Kid. Give us a listen here

I think that the creativity and the ability to perform that I learned as a musician is still relevant to my work as a UX designer – communication and creativity is a big part of digital design.