Booking agency providing music, entertainment and other services to company parties. We served events from 20 guests to +10.000 attending guests. All our leads were generated from our website, hence online marketing was the core of is running on WordPress and it is higly optimized for SEO and performance. was the first company I founded.

Things I achieved with

  • Delivering services to more than 4.000 events in Denmark.
  • Building the website.
  • Planning and executing a powerful SEO strategy. is the best ranking website compared with all the competitors.
  • Learning all the basic skills required to start a business. This was my first startup.

The website

Bandportalen is built on the WordPress CMS, which is easy to mantain and update with new content. The theme was built from scratch and optimized for performance and SEO. Bandportalen is still today the best ranking website in the booking agency space in Denmark.

The current version of was developed in 2010, and at that time responsive design was a brand new thing. So Bandportalen was the first project I worked on, where smartphones played a role – the first iPhone came out 3 years prior. With my latest projects and Wedbox the approach has been mobile first.

B2B – different, but still humans

Even businesses with billions in revenue are made of regular people. That is one of the things I learnt by working with a lot of the biggest companys in Denmark. Sounds like a fortune cookie or something? There is a lot to experience as a entrepreneur. delivered services to more than 2.500 companies and it was crucial to us go get hi-quality feedback from all our clients.

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