Noeway Media


Noeway Media assisted smaller businesses in providing them with digital services like websites, eCommerce and online marketing.

In most cases, we had a long-term relationship with our clients, and we would work from a 360° approach. We were open to help with any technical problem og challenge a small business would encounter.

Would a digital bureau also help clients with setting up an bookkeeping system like E-conomic, a PBX phone system,  email marketing with MailChimp or even designing business cards? Yes, Noeway Media would and I learned quite a lot there.

What I achieved in Noeway Media:

  • Building websites in the wordpress framework.
  • Building eCommerce with WooCommerce, Shopify and Prestashop.
  • Helping customers with printed and digital marketing materials.
  • Driving projects from initial sales to final delivery.
  • Working on SEO and SEM for multiple clients.