Photo Book Shop


There is a lot of users in the Wedbox photo app. So it was obvious to begin offering print products, as a strategy to monetize those users and introduce a new revenue stream.

We didn’t want any in-house handling of products so we partnered with Lasertryk, the biggest print supplier in Denmark. They have a great infrastucture to handle printing, packaging and shipping.

My job was to create the line of products and build websites to sell them from.

I completed multiple workshops with our users to learn about the print products they wanted.

20 +

Unique book layouts



750,000 +


Things I did in the print shop project:

  • Designing and building the print shop website.
  • Enabling the website to be translated and rolled out in new territories (US, DE and DK).
  • Designing photo book layouts and preparing them for Lasertryks API and print settings.
  • Creating product mockups in Photoshop – we never had a psysical product, so it was only digital.